SONO Combines the Best of Both Worlds for Men!

By on April 16, 2016

One year ago the Shots sales team had a look at their assortment for the upcoming releases. One thing they noticed was a shortage of male pleasure products, as a lot of their products were targeted at the female and couples market. Because they saw a big raise in the demand for these male pleasure products they decided to create a brand that would close this gap in their assortment.

The account managers asked several retailers their opinion about the idea and one of the first remarks came with regards to the raised demand in “tailing” products. After several brainstorming sessions more and more ideas came to life. One of the most important researches, on the dimensions of the products, were done by a specialized test team. Several months later SONO was born and presented for the first time at the Erofame trade fair in Hannover, Germany.

SONO, is a brand especially designed and created for men, but also very attractive for couples. The assortment consists of butt plugs that feature a tail, which will allow you to easily withdraw the plug once inserted and they are perfectly suited for tailing-games. There are also penis sleeves that have a butt plug attached, which feature a perineum stimulator. SONO is a brand designed to give a great amount of pleasure!

For the production of this brand several materials are being used. Rubber for the butt plugs, soft silicone for the cock ring’s and comfortable and stretchy TPE for the sleeves. The combination of those materials makes these toys a perfect match for the demanding customer!

The packaging has been designed to be neutral, yet with a masculine look to attract the target audience in a store. All toys come in a sleek white case with projected stone elements. This combination creates an amazing appearance when they are presented united in a store. The packaging also features product descriptions and specifications in several languages to make sure everything is crystal clear to the customer.

A new brand does not sell itself! It needs promotional materials too, in order to create awareness. In the case of SONO, Shots has released its standard promo package. They also give retailers the opportunity to create their own personalized marketing materials in cooperation with the Shots studio department. In this way a store can present or promote this brand online or in their store in their own style!

Would you like to receive more information on SONO or the possibilities of personalized marketing materials? Please visit or for more information!

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