WOW Tech Defends its Patents

By on June 24, 2021

Berlin/New York – WOW Tech is pleased to announce the first major decision and an overwhelming and unprecedented victory in a pending patent invalidity proceeding filed by Satisfyer. The WOW team expects that a series of several favorable decisions, especially in the United States involving WOW Tech’s US patent portfolio, will follow.  

WOW Tech is known for having created the global market for clitoral suction devices with its innovative Pleasure Air Technology that is covered by a worldwide portfolio of patents. In apparent attempts by some WOW Tech competitors to avoid future findings of patent infringement, they have attacked this patent portfolio in various invalidity proceedings in the United States and around the world. 

In the summer and fall of 2019, EIS GmbH, one of the companies behind the Satisfyer brand of competing clitoral suction devices, attacked the validity of three of WOW Tech’s US patents in three separate invalidity proceedings in the United States Patent & Trademark Office’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board PTAB.  Since then, WOW Tech has been vigorously defending the validity of its patents in all these proceedings, as well as in other proceedings in the U.S. and globally. 

On Monday, June 14, 2021, the PTAB issued its final written decision in the first of these cases, announcing an overwhelming and unprecedented victory for WOW Tech. Some highlights from the decision[1][1]

  • The PTAB rejected each one of EIS’s validity attacks. 
  • WOW Tech proved that the patented Womanizer products fulfilled a “long-felt need” in the sexual stimulation device industry. 
  • The PTAB found that others in the field “failed to develop a sexual stimulation device that avoided the issues of clitoral discomfort or numbness,” – in complete contrast to the innovation Pleasure Air Technology from WOW Tech. 
  • The PTAB also found that praise in the industry favored upholding the validity of WOW Tech’s patent.  

Overall, this is a tremendous victory for WOW Tech, for innovators in the industry, and for all B2B customers and consumers who deserve to have the best that innovative technology has to offer without having their confidence, health, and safety compromised by unauthorized knock-offs. 

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