XR Brands Master Series Named 2016 Fetish Line of the Year by XBIZ

By on January 28, 2016

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – XR Brands and Master Series have been honored with the coveted 2016 Fetish Product/Line of the Year award, presented to the team during last week’s bustling XBIZ Awards. This key award recognizes the manufacturer and its best-selling brand for creating quality fetish-focused products, cohesively packaged and merchandised to attract attention and increase sales.

Since its inception almost 5 years ago, Master Series has made it easy for retailers to expand inventory to include popular BDSM and fetish accessories made famous and near-mainstream by pop-culture erotica. The line is comprised of unique designs and fetish mainstays – including nipple clamps, sensation devices, and intricate C&B tools – to offer retailers a complete collection that can make any store a one-stop-shop fetish destination.

“Master Series remains one of the most popular and best-selling brands under the XR name because our company’s roots are in fetish and BDSM,” XR Brands Sales & Marketing Director Rebecca Weinberg said. “Our products respond to the unique needs and desires of the community while also making it easy to introduce to beginners and curious consumers. From chastity to urethral sounding and anal play, Master Series offers quality tools and accessories for the advanced fetish lifestyle, and we’re honored to have been recognized by XBIZ and our peers. Thank you to all who voted for us!”

Master Series is available around the world from a variety of top distributors, including Sideline Sales, Nal-Pac, Superior Products, Eldorado, VDan Sales and SexToyDistributing.com in the U.S. International outlets can find Master Series at IT Erotics in Canada and Topline Sales in Australia.

For product information, please email info@xrbrands.com.

To view the full XR Brands lineup, please visit http://www.xrbrands.com/.

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