XR Brands Wins Outstanding Packaging for Tom of Finland

By on January 29, 2016

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – XR Brands took home the 2016 AVN O Award for Outstanding Packaging honoring its now famous Tom of Finland Pleasure Tools collection, a historic line of erotic products inspired by the artist and his iconic drawings. This line lets fans bring their favorite Tom of Finland fantasies to life with products in eye-catching packaging that features detailed depictions of some of the artist’s most famous drawings and paintings.

From design to packaging, every element of the Tom of Finland Pleasure Tools line was made to reflect the artist’s aesthetic while giving fans tangible pieces of erotic art. Like Tom of Finland’s drawings, the products’ artful packaging is playful and cheeky while maintaining his artwork’s hyper-masculine and unabashed energy. This thoughtful approach to merchandising made it easy for retailers to introduce this brand new collection of intimate products to the world while preserving Tom of Finland’s legacy and life’s work on the show floor.

“Beloved by people of all genders and lifestyles, Tom of Finland’s work features mostly men with exaggerated sexual traits in hyper-masculine scenarios that depict homosexuality with a confident and powerful attitude, and that’s exactly what our packaging showcases,” XR Brands Sales & Marketing Director Rebecca Weinberg said, “Tom of Finland is one of the most influential erotic artists of the 20th century and was the first to depict homosexuality in a positive, confident and powerful way, so it was essential that we capture that not only in the products but in their packaging, too. Never before has a body of artwork been transformed into such a physically and visually stimulating series, and we’re so honored to have been recognized for our hard work.”

The XR Brands team worked hand-in-hand with the Tom of Finland Foundation museum to confirm and execute each intricate detail, including the final packaging design and its signature blue, black and grey-toned boxes. These important details help convey a lifestyle beyond the products themselves allow fans to bring a little bit of Tom with them everywhere they go.

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