Claudia & Rick – Shots

By on April 17, 2015
Claudia - Shots

Claudia has great experience in expo stands and has been working for years in the packaging industry. Rick has a lot of international experience working for an Asian based office as well as in the designing of packaging for such items as wave boards and children’s toys. They are the new pearls in the crown of the Shots design team and, after an intensive course of six months, have now become fully-fledged members. A big task lies ahead of them designing new products, new packaging, a new 2015/2016 catalogue including a new website and a new expo stand! Since 2005 the Shots design team has been winning the award for “best marketing” or “best design” year after year! An impressive success story of 11 years with 11 new and exciting brands that have been introduced to the market. “We are absolutely delighted with the expansion of our design team and all the new developments that this will bring. So be on the lookout for ‘Camp Shots’ and don´t miss a thing!” says Oscar Heijnen.

Rick - Shots

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