Dorcel Launches Online Dorcel Experience Platform

By on June 12, 2019

Paris, France — Marc Dorcel has launched its new “Dorcel Experience,” which the company calls “its most exhaustive offer of adult content.”

According to the company, the Dorcel Experience offers more than 5,000 movies, scenes and shows from more than 40 top production studios, featuring more than 10,000 performers on video-on-demand along with four TV channels (Dorcel TV, Dorcel XXX, StarsXXX and Dorcel TV+1), both live and in replay, all available on a single digital platform for €29.99 per month.

Available for any screen and in three languages (French, English and German), the Dorcel Experience is accessible through an unlimited and no obligation subscription.

“The Dorcel Experience service has been designed for mobile-first use and offers an optimized user experience,” said a company representative. “The platform is a progressive web app (PWA) that delivers all the ergonomics and experience of a mobile application.”

“Users can also configure their content through a quick questionnaire,” the representative added, “a real customization and recommendation tool that offers an enhanced experience that has never been seen before in the adult content market.”


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