POPDildo™ Heralded by Mainstream Media for Medical Application & Female Entrepreneurship

By on December 27, 2016

CYBERSPACE, — Berman Innovations, inventor of The Semenette® and POPDildo™, is mentioned in three separate mainstream outlets for its product’s innovative medical applications, as well as its status as a woman-run business. The mentions follow a mention in a recent Bustle.com list of “8 Sex Toys Invented by Women Specifically for Female Pleasure”,

“Unless you’re actively trying to get pregnant, there’s a good chance you know more about what it takes to prevent pregnancy than to conceive,” writes Cosmopolitan Sex & Relationships editor Hayley MacMillen in 10 Things Your Fertility Doctor Wants You to Know About Getting Pregnant Right Now. “Ahead, ten things that you should know about fertility and trying to conceive, or TTC, right now.” Of POPDildo™, she writes, “Insemination can help you get pregnant when intercourse isn’t working or isn’t an option…for example, members of same-sex female couples… Intracervical insemination (ICI)… [mimics] what happens during intercourse – think of the ‘turkey baster’ method…and ejaculating toys such as POPDildo are growing in popularity.” To read MacMillen’s article in Cosmopolitan in full, visit http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/a8494087/fertility-trying-to-conceive-ovulation-tips/.

UK news outlet The Independent’s Love and Sex writer Kashmira Gander mentions POPDildo™ inventor and Berman Innovations CEO Stephanie Berman in her article, 2017 will be Year of ‘Vagina-nomics’ and Women Designing Sex Toys are Leading the Way. In her piece, she references a 2017 trend report, writing, ‘The JWT intelligence agency hailed the rise of pelvic floor muscle exercises, vulvar skincase, and g-spot stimulators as a sign that it will be the year of the ‘vagina-nomics’…’Long seen as taboo, the rise of fourth-wave feminism is encouraging women to talk about their vaginas and vulvas like never before,’ according to report by Lucie Green, Worldwide Director of the Innovation Group, JWT.” To read Gander’s article in The Independent in full, visit http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/love-sex/vagina-nomics-economy-sex-toys-2017-year-designers-women-pleasure-a7474796.html.

Medical Plastics News, also based in the UK, named its coverage of Berman Innovations as one of its most-read stories of 2016: “We’ve had some great stories and innovation from North American-based companies over the last year,” writes contributor Lu Rahman in Meet the All-Stars in Medtech. “One of the most popular stories of the year came from Berman Innovations. Owner Stephanie Berman’s POP by The Semenette® unites a sex toy with a device that aids conception.” To read Rahman’s article in Medical Plastics News in full, visit http://www.medicalplasticsnews.com/news/meet-the-all-stars…/.

“What an honor it is to receive this kind of mainstream coverage in such a wide variety of media outlets!” says Berman. “This past year was spent focusing on the launch of POPDildo™ and really honing in on its pleasure applications, so it’s very exciting to have both its medical and pleasure functions be recognized and praised. With our recent 6 adult industry award nominations, this is an exceptional way to end our year and I continue to be very grateful and humbled at the overwhelmingly positive response from customers, retailers and the media. I’m looking forward to 2017– to continue to evolve POP and bring other innovative products to the market.”

Stephanie Berman has been in the women’s reproductive health industry since 2003. As co-owner and Vice President of her family business, Sepal Reproductive International, as well as CEO of The Semenette®, Berman has extensive knowledge and understanding of the women’s reproductive health market. Berman Innovations’ flagship product, The Semenette®, allows partners to re-create the ejaculation process in the privacy of their own home, through its proprietary inner tubing and pump system. Berman herself is the first of many Semenette® success stories; she and her wife successfully used the product to conceive their daughter and son. The product experienced its first viral wave soon after its launch in early 2015, and global media attention has not waned about the company’s innovative approach to at-home conception for the LGBT, FTM / trans, disabled, and serodiscordant communities.

Berman Innovations then teamed up with German pleasure products manufacturer Fun Factory to introduce its second iteration, POPDildo™. By incorporating Fun Factory’s pleasure-focused shape, and built for G-spot play, with the technology of the original Semenette®, POPDildo™ has skyrocketed to the “wish list” for many since its launch in February 2016.

The Semenette® and POPDildo™, both novelty intimacy products, allow partners to mimic traditional intercourse through its proprietary inner tubing and pump system, complete with ejaculation – something that sets it apart from both traditional dildos and “party”-style ejaculating toys. Recipient of Techie.com’s Editor’s Choice Lightning Bolt Award for Emerging Technology, and the 2016 NightMoves Award for Pleasure Product of the Year, the company has also received industry nominations for Couples Sex Toy of the Year, Specialty Pleasure Product of the Year, and New Product of the Year. Both The Semenette® and POPDildo™ are made of premium medical-grade silicone, and are non-toxic and phthalate-free.

For more information, visit http://POPDildo.com.

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