Review – Gvibe 2 – Gvibe

By on March 2, 2018

It’s always gratifying to receive an item that stands out from the usual deliveries, and I was pleased when the G-Vibe 2 arrived in an oval cardboard box featuring a gorgeous illustration of an orchid-cum internal/ external clitoris perched on a weather vane.

Shaped like its predecessor, the G Vibe 2 sports two shafts like a tuning fork, splaying out slightly like palm leaves. I’d reviewed similarly shaped toys before but that was years ago and I was intrigued to see how technology had developed.

Regarding materials, manufacturers FT London LLP have improved the surface of the silicone since their first G-Vibe, rendering #2 toy smoother and its two prongs more flexible. The newer G-Vibe has 3 motors, is also waterproof and comes with a silky drawstring storage bag.

The G-Vibe 2 charged easily thanks to its magnetic connection to the cable, with lights flashing until the battery was fully charged. In terms of unwanted noise, when it was fired up #2 made a discreet purr, so you’d have no issues using it in a shared house – hallelujah!

Hints and tips on what to expect from the toy were detailed in its comprehensive book of instructions, including explicit penciled sketches by erotic artist Elena Mirosedina, which again were an excellent original touch. Nice work FT!

If it seemed unusual for an adult item to be so thorough in its sexplaining, it’s because the G-Vibe 2 is marketed as a couple’s toy as well as for solo female play. As the instructional images testify, amongst other applications it can be used to simultaneously to fill the vagina and anus; to stimulate the prostate and tickle the balls at the same time, and rather ambitiously to penetrate two scissoring women at once: tricky!

Speaking of tricky, the G-Vibe 2 wasn’t the easiest for direct clitoral stimulation, as pressing the toy harder against the body meant the prong tips simply stopped their light, titillating flutter. If gentle application were your thing, then you’d be fine with this.

So, despite containing three motors, two in the tips and one in the lower trunk, the vibrations from the G-Vibe 2 aren’t particularly fierce. However, its variety of uses more than makes up for this. Additionally, amongst a myriad of Rabbits and Wands, butt plugs and bondage gear, it’s refreshing to have something a bit different to add to the collection. The G-Vibe 2: For the woman (or couple!) who have everything.

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