O-WAND® – Review

By on November 17, 2017

Our home office is teaming with enough sex-orientated electrics to froth an entire café of cappuccinos, so, when I received the O-Wand I did wonder what it could possibly add to my life and whether, especially considering the competition, it could ever be worth its hefty price-tag. But that was before I unwrapped the anonymous brown parcel to reveal the huge, sleek, black O-Wand box inside. From its understated satin finish to the hidden magnet fastening it shut, the packaging screamed luxury – even its weight suggested serious quality.

Inside, the O-Wand itself had the softest silicone finish and a gold inlay reminiscent of the Lelo Insignia toys, like these also coming with a storage bag and travel plug. It included an extra accessory, the O-Burst; a soft textured cap to fit on the end.

Charged and ready to go, the O-Wand proved quiet for a wand (well, it’s all relative!), with a lovely low rumble and the perfect array of intensity options selected by simple silicone buttons. Effective on sore shoulders as a massage aid, the handle of the O-Wand helped hold and direct its prodigious power to the chosen area – handy for a heavy sex toy, essential for a heavy sex toy covered in slippery lube. And let’s just say it delivered. Fast.

For those who are too sensitive for direct Wand action, the extra O-Burst cap will soften the strength of the O-Wand, although you’ll need a toothbrush to properly clean between the nodules afterwards. There are an additional three O-Wand accessories available, (clitoral, G-Spot and even one for men – a fantastic idea!), so if you have a male partner who enjoys penile stimulation, sharing might help soften the initial expense somewhat.

The cachet of the vibrator Wand has reached such epic proportions that you might be forgiven for thinking that the market was saturated. However, the arrival of the O-Wand proves that there is always an appetite for an item with features that set it apart from the norm. Tired but can’t sleep? Stressed but can’t relax? Not remotely in the mood for sex but need something – anything – to shift your current state of limbo up or down a gear? Grab your waterproof, cordless O-Wand, it’ll almost certainly provide relief. Feeling hot or not, this is a vibrator that can – and will – steal an orgasm from you despite yourself.

Well worthy of its Red Dot 2017 award, the O-Wand is beyond desirable; it’s essential. This skeptic has been converted: it seems we need another Wand in our lives after all…


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